3TOOL for Professional Use

3TOOL is a simple yet intuitive multi-tool to treat myofascial trigger points; to carry out specific mobilization of spinal segment and to massage or apply fascial release of different body areas. It’s ergonomic shape has been designed to favour optimum grip and enable accurate pressure without tiring.

Trigger Points

Place zone 1 of the tool over the trigger point and carry out a gentle compression. 3TOOL has an ergonomic shape designed to favor the optimum grip and exert pressure without tiring.

Muscle Massage

Zone 2 of 3TOOL has been designed to apply massage or fascial release directly onto different body areas. It can be used with lotions or oils to enhance sliding.

Spinal Mobilization

Zone 3 is especially designed for mobilizing vertebral segments as a wedge. It allows the professional to carry out specific vertebral mobilizations, especially in the thoracic spine.

Elena L.


Best tool I have ever used for my physiotherapy treatments! It is really intuitive to use and it has helped with patient home treatment we issue

Juanjo A.


As soon as I heard about 3TOOL I had to try it. It had immediate impact at my clinic in aiding treatment programs. I love how compact it is allowing us to transport as we have patients who travel a lot.

Chema A.


Very useful! It’s so easy to use and the treatment was very effective. I love its simple design and multi function use. 

Fernando S.


Results have been very effective and easily lets me apply different techniques. Patient adherence has improved as it is simple for them to use with some self-treatment guidelines

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