Treatment at home

Designed to aid self-treatment, it’s light design allows you to take it anywhere. Take advantage of the different uses that 3TOOL offers you to prevent and self-treat muscle pain

Muscle Contractures

If you are patient, there are two ways you can use zone one at home:

​1. Applying pressure directly: place the tool’s zone one on the located muscle ache point and carry out a gentle compression until you feel relief.

2. Allow your entire bodyweight (muscle ache point) to be placed directly over zone one. This is recommended for areas which are difficult to reach like lower back for example.

Muscle Massage

The more rounded zone two of 3TOOL has been designed to apply massage directly onto strained muscle areas. It can be used with lotions or oils to enhance sliding.

Back muscles massage

Zone threee is especially designed for self-treatment of muscle contractures and strains in the area near the vertebral spine. Zone three avoids direct pressure of vertebral prominences which, as a result, allows optimum support over the spine’s muscle masses.

Great massage tool

March 23, 2018

This is a nicely designed massage tool. It has really good ergonomic grip positions and a wonderful soft rubberized feel.

I first purchased the Thumbby tool here on Amazon, but it was way too soft for my needs. I was looking for a tool that would provide a quite firm, but not hard, narrow tip, that would really pinpoint pressure into precise places, such as the shoulder blades. This 3Tool device does exactly that. It also has many other beneficial uses. It comes well packaged and includes a convenient drawstring carry bag.

Great little tool!

May 12, 2018

This little contraption has been a life saver for tight muscles and preventive therapy. Definitely worth the money.
This tool is a great asset

April 7, 2018

This tool is a great asset to saving my thumbs and fingers in massage work. It has very firm, rubberized points to dig in deep but not be painful.

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